“The Hand-L 2.0 has already seen frequent, daily use in my physiotherapy practice. I sure was glad when I searched for the Hand-L, and discovered it was still available. I had one some years back, but broke it when it fell on the floor *sob*. Now I’m over forty, and wish I’d just ordered another immediately. In the meantime, my thumbs and wrists have taken a beating, of the sort that doesn’t easily go away. Thus, I’ve been whipping out the Hand-L at every opportunity. My hands are thanking you every day, especially in the afternoons. And of course, I’m recommending it to all my physio pals, and letting them try it out. It is a superior tool – truly – and I’ll soon be ordering another as back-up, should I get butter-fingered again.”

Sigurd L.
Norway 2014

“It’s the perfect tool to loosen those paraspinals that feel like concrete. 3-5 passes with the Hand-L and they are loose!”

Arthur B.
Westborough, MA

“The design of the Hand-L won me over. I find it invaluable in saving my thumbs and it is excellent for self-massage trigger point therapy.”

Don N.
South Bend, IN

“The Hand-L saves my thumbs. It’s easier to target trigger points with the Hand-L.”

Cecelia M.
Pompano Beach, FL

“The Hand-L is a definite asset to your collection of tools. Because of its versatility, you’ll use it more than your other tools.”

Nancy D.
Waldoboro, ME

“Saves my hands when working on men’s hands and feet, especially those who do physical labor, like carpenters, machinists, etc.”

Danielle H.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

“The Hand-L is great!  It feels very natural, like an extension of your hand and not a separate tool. My clients and students love it.”

Bonnie N.
Columbus, Ohio