Hand-L shown in holster
Hand-L Professional Massage Tool

The Hand-L 2.0 is . . .
an innovative professional massage tool designed for trigger point work, for deep tissue massage, or for simple relaxation massage. Now proudly made in the USA, the size and shape of Hand-L 2.0 are unchanged from the iconic original, first introduced in 1996. U. S. Patent #6010469
The Hand-L 2.0 is . . .
ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold and easy to use effectively.
The Hand-L 2.0 is . . .
made of hand-finished stoneware clay in an attractive “earthtone” color, glazed at client contact areas for comfort, unglazed on the gripping surface to provide safe, slip-free control even if you have oil on your hands. The updated glaze finish on the client contact surfaces has slightly more “drag” than the original to provide better control when working with lubricant on the skin.

$43.99 USD

Sports Massage for Injury Care

Enable your clients and patients to get back in the game and live pain free after injury. In Sports Massage for Injury Care, experienced sports therapist Bob McAtee explains the types of soft tissue injury most common in sport and explains why manual therapy is so valuable in treating musculoskeletal injuries… Read more
$49.95 USD

Facilitated Stretching 4th Edition (with online video)

Facilitated Stretching, 4th Edition with Online Video
By Robert E. McAtee & Jeff Charland.
Click here to read more about the book
$39.95 USD

Purple Stretching Strap

Perform facilitated stretching exercises without a partner. Excellent for single-plane stretches as well as three-dimensional stretches using the spiral -diagonal patterns of PNF. Made in the USA from purple, 1-inch nylon webbing, soft to the touch and easy on the skin. Overall length is 8 feet, with a 12-inch loop at each end.
$12.99 USD